Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trunk or Treat

I have never been a big trick or treater. Blame the Latin in me, but I find it highly strange to go door to door essentially BEGGING for candy... from strangers no less. I have never actually been trick or treating in my life. True. I have attended many a Halloween party, carnival, or other events that involve haunted houses and throwing pumpkin shaped bean bags at targets. I even highly approve of dressing up. Trick or treating; however, is another story.
On the 24th I will be attending my first Trunk or Treat. I guess the philosophy is that you park in a parking lot and everyone just rushes by really quickly and you give the kids candy... okay. This seems even MORE wrong than trick or treating. So help me, if you are going to be begging for tootsie rolls that I bought with my hard earned money, you are going to have to freeze going door to door all evening and WORK for it. I highly suspect that on the 24th I will give the trunk or treaters enough candy to sicken them and then on the 31rst they will ALSO appear at my door expecting MORE treats. This is getting ridiculous and I ask, where will it end? Next year will I be required to go door to door and give the children candy in the comfort of their own homes?


Wendy said...

Hillarious! I agree about the trick or treating and since we are going to be participating in our first trunk or treat the same thought crossed my mind. I have also decided that no one over age or 12 gets any loot from us. I mean, I totally expect the youth in our ward to walk around expecting treats and I think that is wrong too. Who invented this custom? Shall we go out together next year taking candy to people then?

T-Ray said...

ha ha. You are so funny. I can't believe that you have NEVER been trick or treating. I think you are the first person I have met that has never been. I always thought trunk or treating was weird. Supposedly it is more safe... but who says someone could not stuff some kid in their trunk and drive off. What kid would not fall for that if candy was involved?

smithfieldman said...

I still expect you to send me candy in the mail this Halloween.

Karen E. said...

I enjoyed trick or treating as a child and I now enjoy handing out candy to trick or treaters, but I HATE trunk or treat. I think it is the stupidest thing ever. Don't give in Michele! Refuse to go!

Marcy (a.k.a. Lady Lyn) said...

I never went T or T until I was like 8. Halloween in all its forms was pretty much banned at our house until then. As a mother I like Trunk or Treat better than the traditional method, but I really just want to have a little party here and not have to answer the door and give out candy on the actual night--and I don't want my kids to have all that junk anyway.

The end.

Anne B. said...

How's this for sick? We, as a primary presidency, CANCELLED our Trunk-or-Treat this year (because I have no Golden Calves when it comes to "tradition"), but our bishop came and said, "I think we need to have Trunk-or-Treat." Call me chicken, but I just said, "OK."

In Trunk-or-Treat's defense, it's fast and fun for the kids. I like that it's fast and fun and OVER and I don't feel compelled to teach my kids how to beg door-to-door.

P.S. In answer to your "How many steps are there?" question: This was Dave's FINAL U.S. Licensing exam. Now he just has to pass state boards and, luckily, those don't come for a few more years! YEAH!

Carolina said...

Four things.

First, we almost always hide on Halloween. We turn the lights out, or leave the house, or don't answer the door.

Second, the one time we decided not to hide, we bought a lot of Halloween candy, and not enough children came. We still have that Halloween candy, and I'm planning on giving it out this year.

Third, that one time we decided not to hide was four years ago.

Fourth, dressing up in costumes is in our Latina blood. Viva carnaval! I try to overlook the fact that the word carnaval employs the same root word that carnivore and carnal employ.

The Rage said...

I never realized the candy thing was connected to Halloween. I just begged door to door for candy year round.

stewedslacker said...

First off: T-ray, that's creepy notion and makes me wonder about you. Second: begging door to door is a marketable skill that will become ever more important the way things are going. Third: There should never be any action taken against free candy... EVER. I hope people don't mind me showing up at their door and/or trunk begging for candy. I'm under twelve in maturity, as my wife and sister will attest.