Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So, it has recently been brought to my attention that my personal laziness has reached an all time high (never mind that I am typing this at work...). This epiphany came as a direct result from the following conversation.

The other morning I put on a shirt that I like a lot. The person who resides in the same living space as I, commented "That is a nice shirt... you haven't worn it in a while."

To which I replied, "Yep... because it is missing a button and I am not going to sew on another one."

Now, I am not terribly domestic. I don't do crafts and my home isn't decorated at all. In fact, I detest decorative wreaths (hmmm... a subject of another blog post???) I can; however, sew buttons and not much else. I have found that in order to successfully sew a button one must have both the ability and the motivation. I find I have lacked the motivation to sew this particular button for over six months... and some other buttons as well. Here is a list for your reading pleasure, of clothing that I have ceased to wear because it needs an odd button/clasp or two repaired.

1- Red shirt (the inspiration for this post) requires one tiny decorative button
2- Green shirt two buttons on the back of the neck
3- Blue shirt one button on the back of the neck
4- Brown shoes need a little button sewn back on the right shoe
5- Black dress slacks both clasps
6- Tweed looking dress slacks one secondary button


Dan and LaVon said...

OK OK now I know what I can do for your B-day. Will you please bring said items to camp out and let me fix them for you. I'm counting on that. Alan knows how happy this will make me, OK I am sick I admit it, but you married into this family so I guess you will have to learn to deal with it.

Karen E. said...

I could make a similar list!

The Rage said...

I too can sew on buttons but lack the motivation to sew it back on the damaged clothing. In an odd turn of events - I don't lack the motivation to throw said items away.

smithfieldman said...

I don't mind wearing shirts without buttons. One missing button is no big deal, but two I probably would just thrown it away.

Carolina said...

I quickly discovered that if you send your missing button clothes to the dry cleaner, they always mysteriously come back with replacement buttons. I don't know how. I don't ask questions. I never will.

Thank you, Mr. Dry Cleaner.