Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scary Movies

Fearfest '08 has been a bit of a bust, I will admit. None of my suggested movies made the playlist and I slept through a majority of the other movies we watched, while missing a few entirely. That French movie...it involved a creepy mask and someone who lurks eerily in the shadows, which I can appreciate, but as a whole it was more of a comedy. Casey and I recently (read a few minutes ago via IM) had this conversation about scary movies:

Casey L: Joni says we should watch a scary movie, but we definitely differ on what we consider scarey.
Michele S: Anything starring Paris Hilton would freak me out.
Casey L: Ah yes, indeed. Much scarier than The Grudge or something, (I consider Grudge to be a comedy. How can croaking blue chinese people NOT be funny?)
Michele S: SO!!! FUNNY!!! agreed. The most scary movies to me are disturbing movies without a point... a la
There Will be Blood.
Michele S: Or that dancing movie with Vanessa Williams.
Michele S: Or movies that attempt to be really profound.
Casey L: oh that was flat out boring, at least what I saw of it (the vanessa williams movie). Joni likes the paranormal type movies (such as Grudge) and the slasher movies. I think they are absolutely ridiculous and silly. I did see Saw once a long time ago, and that was flat out disturbing, though not scary. For me I can only think of two movies where I was actually scared. ET and Fire in the Sky.
Michele S: Ah! Fire in the Sky was WONDERFUL. Have you seen The Thing?
Casey L: I haven't.
Michele S: I liked it, but it might be too 70s for you.
Casey Lance: I enjoy a good 70's movie. wait, does the thing live in a swamp???
Michele S: No Antarctica
Casey L: okay, maybe not.
Michele S: It might actually be an early Stephen King, but it is legitimately good. It has a slow buildup some character development. The special effects will clearly be cheesy...but it is interesting.
Casey L: Well we know that I don't cheesy special effects. . .
Michele D. Sweat: ah yes, you do love Star Trek.
Casey L: Although I have a sinking feeling that that might change with the new movie.
Michele S: when does that come out again?
Casey L: May 9th, I believe. I had been quite excited but then I read the article on Entertainment Weekly's website. . . And I saw pictures. . .
Michele S: and?
Casey L: The enterprise bridge looks like a hair salon.
Michele S: hahahahahahahahahah!
Casey L: And the whole article kept mentioning that they were making star trek cool again, basically that they are shooting for 18-25 year old men that like superhero movies. . . And that it isn't about pleasing the fans. Which makes me think we are getting a dumbed down movie set in a hair a salon.
Michele s: Well, Star Trek was only cool to nerdy people...do YOU think it had a universal appeal?
Casey L: Well, in 1990 The next generation was one of the top ten shows. I wouldn't say it had universal appeal, but it certainly was quite popular around that time. And who hasn't seen the whale movie????
Casey L: http://trekmovie.com/2008/10/15/more-star-trek-images-enterprise-crew-nero/
Casey L: Here is the salon picture. You can't see the receptionist in that picture, try this: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/10/15/exclusive-new-star-trek-movie-photo-with-kirk-spock-sulu-and-the-uss-enterprise-bridge/
Casey L: The lady in the back looks like she is either at a hair salon or a restaurant. Getting ready to call up whomever is next. Not to mention the whole thing looks like an Apple Store.
Michele S: Looks like a place I would hang out...if I wanted to sip appletinis and talk about my rapidly dropping 401k... as I want to do neither of those things, the whole thing has very little appeal.
Casey Lance: And discuss why you love Barack Obama.

And so we come back to the politics as we always do...much more frightening than any movie...


The Rage said...

Hell Yes! It totally looks like a salon and it's going to suck... I'm so excited. Seriously - I can't wait.

stewedslacker said...

You should rename your blog, "Random conversations that I inflict upon the bloging world because it is easy and I am lazy." Also, Star Trek, never my fav sci fi, now joins Star Wars and Indiana Jones on the list of things better left as they were.

smithfieldman said...

I've never seen an entire episode of star trek nor any of the movies. I'm more of a suspensful type of scary movie watcher than slasher/thriller kind.

Casey said...

I really have to say that the quality of your blog has increased ten fold with your last two posts.

I think we come off rather well in our conversations.

Oh if only we could "inflict" upon the world all of our conversations.

But then that would probably reveal the truth about how idle public employees actually are . . .